Odell Fox is an acoustic Americana duo that plays a bicoastal blend of folk, bluegrass, and rock and roll. Odell Fox music won't let you down.  

March Update

Yellow and dashed white lines inch by, we're somewhere between Lordsburg and Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, a road straighter than Ted Cruz, we listen to imitators of Steve Earle and a 6 hour podcast history of Genghis Kahn. Austin, Texas is the light at the end of our desert tunnel. Behind us are 15 shows, a month in the Pacific I5 corridor, rain, dog poops in countless cities and gas station grass patches, one roadkill rabbit, new songs, layers of spilled snacks on car seats, and all of you who came out to shows. Special welcome to the new folks who are receiving their first Odell Fox Newsletter!

We're feeling an exciting sort of momentum. And not just because the speed limit here is 80. It's something about coming back to a city to find more people at our shows, people we've never met, offering gracious accolades. Last fall in Portland, we played for eight people (four were family members); two weeks ago in Portland, we filled Cup & Bar, a warehouse-sized coffee shop, with nearly 50 warm, chocolate-eating faces. We have no cardinal direction as twenty-something-year-olds, nor as a band, and we've had many many moments of feeling lost. But the band is turning roughly one, and somewhere between the CDs given to gas station attendants, the gruesome where-to-eat-on-tour decisions, and the tears, smiles, and laughter you all met us with, we found that we believe in it. We believe in the music, and we could't be so sure if you all didn't also believe. Thanks for being on our team.

And special thanks to the US Border Agent who confiscated our wilting Valentine's Day flowers. 

Looking Forward...

We're dropping the anchor in Austin TX until May, with a short East Coast stint at the end of April. Keep an eye out for tour dates and new photos/videos on our website! For now, here's a video from our first leg of tour in Port Renfrew, BC, home of the Song & Surf music festival. 

"Waiting Game"

We live in an amazing and complicated and often/always messed up country, one that we're grateful to be able to create in. Here's our tune "Waiting Game," an anthem about being a young American trying to add a voice to the important conversation that still needs to be had. We love you all, we're strengthened by you all, and we hope you can join us in taking today to reflect on the work that has been done, and the work still to do. Thanks as usual to kendall-rock.com for the beautiful video. 

Happy New Year!

The year when it all got started. It had its ups and downs emotionally, its ups and downs creatively, its ups and downs coastally. It was chock full of road trips and skinny dips, pull out couches and sold out shows, new friends and new tunes. It was so full of music, and for that we are grateful. So here's a love song for you, 2015, and for all the people that made it so special. It's called "All I Had," the third track on our forthcoming EP, featured here in another beautiful video from Kendall Rock. Peace and love, cheese and hugs, onward and upward y'all. <3

"Moonshiner" Video Release

Merry happy to you and yours! We're feeling grateful for the love and support we've seen from y'all this holiday season. So, in the spirit of gratitude and wintry libations, we give you the next installment of the apartment show series filmed by Kendall Rock. As a nod to our not-so-distant past, here's the slightly-eponymous second track off of the "Moon Shiner EP" (Feb 1st!), "Moonshiner."

EP Release Date & "One At a Time" Video!

As tour comes to a close and we part ways 'til 2016, we want to say thanks to everyone who provided us with support/love/couches along the way, and share exciting announcement: the release date for the "Moon Shiner EP" has officially been set for February 1st (!!), when we'll also embark on a release tour. Until then, feast your eyes and ears on videos from our apartment show in Brooklyn, filmed by the inimitable Kendall Rock. First up, the opening track on the EP: One At a Time.

December Update

Greetings from NYC and Oregon,

Raph is in his happy place, enjoying the culinary opportunities New York has to offer, and Jenner is tired and in the snow, also a happy place. But it's been a month since we toured up down and around California and Oregon in our trademark sprinting, forgot-to-look-at-maps fashion, a month since recording our debut EP with Blue Coast Records. We're getting restless with all this time not spent in cars, in sleeping bags, and in tune. We miss each other, y'all!

Luckily, winter is coming (already here) and with it some EXCITING NEWS:

#1: On Monday we sent off 6 brand new, mixed and mastered songs to be made into 1,000 copies of our debut CD. It shall be called the Moon Shiner EP, an homage to our not-so-distant past. 1,000 shrink wrapped little squares with our pictures on them, act quickly and you can have 100 copies all for yourself. We're feeling proud and mighty excited to share the music with you all!

#2: This month we're going on a short East Coast Tour! 
Here's where we'll be:

  • December 11 - Rockwood Music Hall, New York City, NY, 11:30pm (info)
  • December 13 - House Concert, Washington DC, 7pm, email odellfoxmusic@gmail.com for details
  • December 15 - House Concert, Charlottesville, VA, 7pm, email odellfoxmusic@gmail.com for details
  • December 17 - Driftaway Cafe, Savannah, GA, 6-8pm (info)
  • December 19th - House Concert, 227 Hector Ave, Metairie, New Orleans, LA, 7pm, email odellfoxmusic@gmail.com for details

#3: Our team has a manager! The lumbering tricycle that was Moon Shiner has evolved into a nimble full suspension machine now called Odell Fox. Our newly nimble nature is largely due to the addition of Lauren Tronick, our wonderful, can do, business minded, email proficient, fiddle playing, smokey singing, good-at-spelling, manager. She's keeping both ducks in a row. We even have a bank account.  

In case you missed our last (very important) email, here it is:

Moon Shiner is now...ODELL FOX

We're sure that after weeks, or possibly months of being our fans, you've come to love the name "Moon Shiner," and we're sorry to see it go too. We love the song, we love the moon, we're easily distracted by shiny objects. But this baby band is growing up, and as with any coming-of-age, there are going to be some changes. After much discussion and debate, and after strongly considering many wonderful suggestions from friends, parents, and friends' parents, we've landed on ODELL FOX. We hope you'll help us make the transition into these new and uncharted nominal waters as smooth as possible, and continue to listen and support us in all the amazing ways you already have.

Odell Fox Recommends:

  • Spikeball: The next great American Sport. It's like beach volleyball, but way better, super portable, and doesn't hurt your wrists. It's the glue that keeps Odell Fox together. The perfect fierce competitive alternative to singing perdy emotional things all the time. 
  • Megan Keely's Deciduous. Megan performed with us at a Bay Area show a few weeks back and knocked off our socks. Since then we can't seem to stop listening to her penultimate album. You won't regret it.
  • Homemade Almond Butter. It's easy - buy raw almonds, roast them in an oven on 350 for 13 minutes, put them in a food processor, add a bit of salt (if you're into that), turn the food processor on, wait, and have faith. Odell Fox recommends eating it on apples, while listening to Megan Keely. 

As ever, please check out our new/same website, www.odellfoxmusic.com, for updates on our forthcoming EP and the December tour, and our impending move to Austin, TX!!

With love,

Raph n Jenner