Odell Fox is an acoustic Americana duo that plays a bicoastal blend of folk, bluegrass, and rock and roll. Odell Fox music won't let you down.  


Odell Fox is a group of young men who can’t seem to find anything more worthwhile than making music. Odell Fox is Raphael Odell Shapiro, Jenner Snow Fox, and Hans Theodore Bilger eyes shut, elbow to elbow, singing in harmony. Odell Fox is folk music, a community of people who find optimism, laughter, mirrors, and heartache in song. It’s simple - a couple of guitars, a mandolin, an upright bass, and a Catahoula Leapord Dog named Joni Dog Mitchel squeezed into a red Honda CRV. Odell Fox is months of waking up on the L-shaped couches of America’s musical byways. It is a Great Blue Heron wearing overalls and howling at the moon. Odell Fox calls Austin, TX home, and exists to, as T Bone Burnett put it, “confound the machines."

Odell Fox is:
Raphael Odell Shapiro: Songwriting, Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
Jenner Snow Fox: Songwriting, Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin
Hans Theodore Bilger: Songwriting, Vocals, Double Bass, Ukulele


The members of Odell Fox were born far from Americas hollers and swamplands, but theyve found an unlikely home in folk tunes. Jenner cut his teeth in the picking circles of Palo Alto; Hans and Raph emerged from fiddling hotbeds of Brooklyn and Long Island. After meeting in a college music ensemble called Tangled Up in Blue, the three followed the musical thread to Austin, TX. In their time off Hans transcribes bird songs, Raph records vocals for Geico commercials, and Jenner guides boats down whitewater rivers.

Moon Shiner EP was recorded live at OTR Studios in San Mateo, CA with Cookie Marenco, the Grammy-nominated genius behind the board at OTR. What Odell Fox played in the room is what you get, give or take a little reverb. The EP begins with "One At A Time," an anthem to being young and learning how to manage time while on the road. Next is the traditional tune Moonshiner, inspired by Bob Dylan's Bootleg Series recording, and the song for which the duo was originally named. The arrangement of Moonshiner speaks to their core values as a duo, its sung differently every time, a sort of tail chasing, made possible by intense listening, the song is vocal tight rope walking, the attempt to blend two into one. "All I Had is a love song about humans, followed by "Cassiopeia," a love song about constellations. Then comes "Waiting Game," a millennial battlecry about being a 20-something in America today. It all comes to an end with "Peter's Song," a contemplative and winding tune, co-written with Jenner's father, Peter Fox.